Summer Institute+

"I am a lot more passionate about teaching writing than I have ever been in my life. There is nothing that will stand in the way of writing time. Going through the process with my peers has helped me see the value of writing."


The SNWP Summer Institute+ is an intensive 9-month professional development experience for preK-16 educators from all disciplines.


What will I experience during the 3 weeks of the summer?

  • Immerse yourself as a writer and responder to others' personal and professional writing.
  • Further develop confidence and skills as a writer and teacher of writing within a community of learners.
  • Examine current research and wrestle with challenging issues of social justice and classroom practice.
  • Design your own inquiry project focused on what you would like to explore in your own teaching / learning community during the fall and spring.

What will I experience during the fall and spring?

  • Engage in continued inquiry and use action research methods to examine your teaching practice through online and face-to-face meetings.
  • With the support of your summer institute colleagues and experienced SNWP teacher consultants (TCs) acting as coaches and thinking partners, plan and share your findings with an audience of SI+ participants, other teachers and interested educators and community members (tentatively scheduled for February 10, 2018.

Teachers who complete the institute become lifelong members of the Southern Nevada Writing Project and National Writing Project.

With writing, inquiry and a commitment to equity, access and authenticity at the center of our mission, the SNWP SI+, like all writing project institutes across the network of nearly 200 National Writing Project (NWP) sites, are transforming teaching, learning, and leadership in schools and communities across the nation (and beyond). Locally, we believe this model aligns with CCSD’s new Performance Growth Plan and look forward to dialogue and future partnership opportunities. SNWP maintains a special interest in working with educators who teach English language learners, as well as those who work with students from communities impacted by poverty.

2017 Summer Institute+ Details

Location: Bennett Professional Development Building, UNLV Campus


  • Summer 2017: June 12-30 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm)
  • Fall 2017: Tentatively September 16 & November 4 (Saturdays)
  • Spring 2018: Tentatively January 27 & February 10 (Saturdays)
  • Plus, on-going online support!

    Interested in joining us?


    To submit an application, please follow this link

    To nominate a colleague to apply, please follow this link

    Contact information for references and an interview are requirements for admission to SI+.  

    Interviews are scheduled to take place the week of April 17, 2017.


    "The institute will completely change the way you approach the teaching of writing. It will open your eyes to the writing process as a student, which in turn changes how you approach and discuss the process with students."



    Each year, Summer Institute participants form a close community who share work with each other. Some participants have also made their work public. Check out some of their work here and here.

    • Share and extend our best classroom practices and talk about aspects of our teaching we find challenging
    • Write and respond to each other's writing
    • Read, discuss, and inquire into the latest classroom-based professional books and research on writing.
    • With a renewed appreciation and passion for writing that positively impacts their students and classrooms
    • With innovative instructional strategies that support Common Core Standards
    • Able to bring the power of technology to their classrooms, to more effectively prepare today's diverse group of students for the future
    • As strong "teacher-leaders," more capable of affecting positive changes in their schools and leading professional develop for their colleagues
    • With a dynamic local and national network (National Writing Project) of colleagues and resources that becomes a "professional home" for members.