Local Sites Research Initiative

Evidence that SNWP teachers make a difference in student achievement SNWP was one of six sites selected through a refereed process to conduct a study investigating the impact of the writing project model of professional development on student achievement.

We collected prompted writing from middle school students from 3 schools with Family Writing Projects and 1 comparison school in September, January and May. Students from SNWP classrooms were matched on the basis of standardized measures with students in a school where there was no SNWP activity. The writing samples from all sites were scored by trained scorers at a national scoring conference.

Research Question: In what ways does participation in SNWP’s Family Writing Project and in classrooms of SNWP Teacher Consultants impact student writing in comparison to students whose teachers are not SNWP Teacher Consultants? A copy of the report for the entire research project can be downloaded here.

Significant differences between the two groups were found for word choice; voice and conventions approached significance. SNWP students demonstrated more growth in the 6 writing traits than students in the comparison school. In addition, on a pre- post- survey of attitudes, SNWP students’ attitudes held steady while those of students at the comparison school declined over time.

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